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I m a hard to please kind of girl and my expectations are high.This means I demand devotion, respect at all times and your willingness to put me first at all times!You shall be whatever it is I want from you, when I want it from you, and the way I want it from you.

I play with men like they’re my personal balls of yarn, I bat them around and unravel them for my profit and giggles.Im not a man hater,I like men- its almost cute to watch u boys grovel at my feet & jump hoops for me!

One hot devious mind,enjoying you and your weaknesses!I absolutely adore having slaves under my control,to use and abuse for my pleasure and gratification!My sessions combine domination, sadism and sensuality,but not sexuality!So Leave your manhood behind and submerge yourself into training program!EnchantressLacey planetsuzy sexycouple30 EnchantressLacey bigjugsfun planetsuzy EnchantressLacey burningcarla webcamtube EnchantressLacey newdivacam flv EnchantressLacey karymhe videos


In session, I like dominating with the power of my mind as well as the power of my whip. I like to stimulate the submissive`s imagination and take them to a world where fantasy becomes reality and reality becomes fantasy... where they become one and the same!

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